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Buyerly Loves: Mouthwash Made Fun & Natural

20 May

Buyerly loves color.  But you knew that already.  But did you know we also love competitive claims? Maybe claims aren’t as sexy as color and presentation but “99% natural, 100% nice” is pretty compelling for a product you put in your mouth!

hello products just launched in retail with a lineup of toothpaste, mouthwash, and breath sprays. It promises all the things most oral care brands promise BUT WITHOUT the harsh chemicals, artificial colors, alcohol or pain.

I had the chance to meet with the hello products team not too long ago. The founder, Craig Dubitsky, is also responsible for bringing brands like method, boots, and EOS to US markets. His latest foray into seriously friendly oral care products is one that excites retailers.  Why? Because it stands for something whimsical, aspirational and unique in a category of functional benefits and old, established (boring) brands.  In other words, it occupies “white space”.   And with their strong branding, clever marketing, and choiceful marketing spend, retailers can be sure brand awareness will be growing and consumers will be increasingly coming into stores looking for these products.

Watch and learn, folks.  hello products’ product launch strategy is set up to grow the category which is music (and money) to retail buyers’ ears.

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