Retail Pitch Must Haves: Light a Fire!

6 Jun

Metaphorically!  Please, we don’t need people lighting fires at Target stores. Translation: Create a sense of urgency.

Retail buyers aren’t hurting for good products. They see awesome new products – all the time. So what’s stopping them from bringing your awesome product into their stores? Well, you failed to give them a deadline!

Create a sense of urgency with the buyers you are courting. Let them know what is coming down the pike – maybe it is a new product introduction, line extension or marketing activity. This last one is a buyerly favorite. Send a marketing calendar to buyers highlighting when you expect to be seen in any media outlet (e.g., a feature in Real Simple magazine, appearance on the Today Show, print ad in The Bump, coupon hitting  Not sure where to start getting in media? Get a free subscription to HARO ( for press pitch requests.

In short, send retail buyers a calendar of the upcoming marketing you have planned such as ads, press, social media, direct mail and promotions. Or share with them news that you’ve landed a new retailer (which, if it is a direct competitor, will light a fire under this buyer!). Creating a sense of urgency generates excitement and may result in the buyer taking the step to get in the game.

Game on!


One Response to “Retail Pitch Must Haves: Light a Fire!”

  1. Laura July 28, 2013 at 1:44 am #

    Love this idea of sending your marketing calendar to your retail buyers. Letting them know you are helping them make their job easier and doing the legwork to boost their sales (and yours!). Thanks for another juicy post, Buyerly!

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