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Cool News: Forbes 25 Most Creative Consumer & Retail Brands

30 Jul

David’s Tea, Warby Parker, Buyerly’s favorite Tiek’s, and Abe’s Market are some of the inspiring brands that made Forbes list of 25 Most Creative Consumer & Retail Brands (article in link).

Which brands do you want to see in retail stores?  Which brands do you most admire?

And a big shout-out to Abe’s Market for making this list!  Buyerly loves our relationship with Abe’s Market buyers!

Buyerly Loves: Sultry Lingerie Meets Luxury Swimwear

26 Jul

Oh how we love Miss Kinsman. We can’t get enough of this lingerie-inspired swimwear line by LA-based designer Joanna Kinsman. This luxury hand-sewn line, sold at stores such as Fred Segal and Bettina Duncan, attracts the confident woman emboldened by her femininity with Brazilian-cut bikini separates that flatter many body types. Besides, nothing feels as sexy as wearing beautiful lingerie. Why shouldn’t women feel that way about their swimwear too!

Miss Kinsman shopper data shows that men (not just women!) are often times buying Miss Kinsman swimwear for their girlfriends and wives.  This suggests that the Miss Kinsman line is best suited for a boutique that sells luxury apparel and swimwear for both women and men. And to make sure these masterpieces sell like hot cakes, we suggest positioning the merchandising display along the path women AND MEN walk when browsing for themselves.

Buyerly loves combining the best of two worlds…and in this case, it amounts to the perfect poolside look for a sweltering hot summer!