Is STORY The Future Of Brick And Mortar Retailing?

8 Aug


You’ve heard it.  Grumblings of the grim future of brick and mortar retailing and a future spent navigating an Amazon-sized jungle.

Well not so fast, shoponline dot com! Brick and mortars are fighting back. Starting with an innovative concept called STORY.

STORY, located in New York City, represents a new twist on the shopping experience.  It’s like Ikea (and their approach to merchandising and browsing) on steroids.  Just like its name suggests, STORY approaches retailing with a…wait for it… story-telling  point of view much like you find in a magazine.  Plus the products they feature are curated to not only fit their narrative themes but to also showcase emerging brands and unique products.  To keep things fresh (and encourage shoppers to return), STORY rotates their “stories” often.

The lesson here is that retailers, more than ever, can differentiate themselves from their online competitors with a branded shopping experience.  B&M retailers’ fight for survival will largely depend on how well they can channel their brand identity to create and execute their branded point of view.  For product companies, how do your product lines help B&M retailers create that differentiation from online retailers? You must incorporate that message in your retail pitches.

What do you think? Is this the future of brick and mortar retailing?



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