Top 5 from ABC Kids Expo: #3 Kidsme Food Feeder

25 Oct

Last week our Chief Buyer, Vanessa, attended the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas to scope out new products and meet with Buyerly customers. She even had time for lunch with a buyer of an important naturals retailer who, by the way, is also a Buyerly buyer!

Each day, we will release one of Vanessa’s Top 5 products and brands from ABC Kids Expo.  

Next up…

#3 Kidsme Food Feeder (

Photograph of Kidsme Food Feeder. Kidsme USA,

The first thing that strikes me is how well-thought out the design of these products are – from a functional standpoint and aesthetics perspective. The entire Kidsme line focuses on good, smart design.

This line is best suited for retailers targeting the urban or discriminating mom who doesn’t sacrifice quality or product benefits for price.  Their innovative solutions help retailers surprise and delight moms with products that “wow” and make mealtime a happy time for all.

And their merchandise presentation is eye-catching. Retailers, use this brand as a speed bump to slow, if not stop, shoppers dead in their tracks! I certainly couldn’t help but pull-over and stop when I walked by this booth on the trade show floor.


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