Top 5 from ABC Kids Expo: #1 Digipuppets

27 Oct

Last week our Chief Buyer, Vanessa, attended the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas to scope out new products and meet with Buyerly customers. She even had time for lunch with a buyer of an important naturals retailer who, by the way, is also a Buyerly buyer!

Each day, we will release one of Vanessa’s Top 5 products and brands from ABC Kids Expo.  

And here is the grand finale…

#1 Digipuppets (

Photograph of DigiPuppets Finger Puppets, DigiPuppets, LLC

Photograph of DigiPuppets Finger Puppets, DigiPuppets, LLC

DigiPuppets are the first touchscreen-enabled finger puppets. Kids are sure to light up when they place their magical companion on their finger, plus it makes digital games and books more engaging! And they debuted at ABC Kids Expo!

Can I just say how impressed I am with the two founders of DigiPuppets? Dan and Brendan are both currently full time MBA students and launching this new business. While their peers are interviewing for jobs, studying, networking, and hitting the bars (as you do in business school), these two are applying what they learn in class by getting first-hand experience in  product development, production management, marketing, sales and more.

But what really impressed me was the delight, excitement and positive feedback from other exhibitors and buyers who came by to check out patent-pending Digipuppets. To say it was well-received is an understatement.  While Digipuppets is just getting started, they’ve got a well-stocked arsenal of line extensions and growth strategies. Once these guys start shipping inventory to retailers, get ready to see this market explode. Retailers, get on board early. The creative ways in which these can be merchandised, plus the incremental sales they will drive (there is no product like this on market), you’d be crazy to miss out on this new trend. It could very well be the next – dare I say it – Silly Bandz.


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