Buyerly Loves Our Facebook Followers: Which 3 companies excites our buyers most?

10 Nov

We are in the mood for another list. This time Buyerly’s Top 3 Facebook Finds! We searched our Facebook “Likes” to see which 3 brands stood out to us most.  And here they are:

Photograph of Peachy LLC,

#3: Peachy ( – Push away those step stools by the sink. Peachy’s faucet extenders puts handwashing within REACH of the little ones. These attachments allow the water to stream closer to little hands giving kids the independence and confidence to hand wash themselves.  Buyers love products that solve an unmet need in a new way because it’s newsworthy. And they love category innovators because they add incremental sales! Everyone wins!

Photograph of Belly Bandit Logo, Belly Bandit

#2 Belly Bandit ( – For new moms who are dead set on shrinking that pregnancy tummy, Belly Bandit may be it. These postpartum compression bands receive rave reviews and most definitely touches on a consumer need. And what really sets this brand apart from others is the comfort and how it disappears under clothes – all because of their secret sauce:  technical specs and smart engineering! Buyers always want to hear how your brand differentiates itself from competitors and that it’s not easily imitated.  And how you justify your retail price point, especially if it is at a premium to your competitors.

and drum-roll please….

Photograph of headrest, Baby Elephant Ears, Inc.

#1 Baby Elephant Ears ( – Chiropractor-inspired Baby Elephant Ears is a multi-use headrest providing spinal/neck alignment and comfort. While this stirs excitement with buyers because of the incremental sales it generates as a category innovator, what makes it a true delight for retailers is how TOUCHABLE it is. The craftsmanship and quality of textiles makes Baby Elephant Ears irresistible to pick up and feel. And if you know anything about shopper behavior and retail psychology, you know that getting a shopper to pick up a product is half the battle. Chances are good that anything in a shopper’s hand, will shortly land in that shopper’s basket…and off to the register they go. And that’s exactly what Baby Elephant Ears does for retailers!


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