Products We Love: fashionABLE’s Line of Fashionable Scarves & Leather Accessories

5 May

Be still our hearts. We found a mission-driven company that prioritizes fashion as importantly as their cause! Who is this diamond in the rough?

Meet fashionABLE, a company that sells scarves and leather accessories handmade in Ethiopia by women who have been exploited by the effects of poverty. The sale of each fashionABLE products provide jobs and rehabilitation for women in these communities. What makes fashionABLE unique from other companies with similar “buy and donate” business models is that…

Number 1. Tangible emotional benefit. Each item is tagged with the name of and a message from the woman who handmade the very item you bought. Every good product marketer can tell you that every successful product has an emotional pay off. For cleaning products, the emotional benefit may be feeling like the superhero mom because you wiped-out every last icky germ in your house so that your kids are safe.  In the case of fashionABLE, the emotional pay-off is knowing that you helped Sebie (see photo below) develop into a leader in her work place. For others in the fashionABLE network, your purchase may help provide an income and fund job training for many other women disadvantaged by the effects of poverty. Tying a purchase to a tangible beneficiary is something that you just don’t get when buying a pair of Toms shoes (no disrespect, Blake Mycoskie!). But a big thank you to Blake for bringing conscious purchasing to the forefront of industry.


Number 2: Don’t Ignore What Drives Consumers’ Purchase.  Let’s not forget the #1 criteria when consumers purchase fashion: style/design.  Buyerly has seen many cause-related companies that sell products to support communities but fail to meet the functional needs of its consumers. The functional need of  fashionABLE consumers is an accessory item that reflects their style and finishes their outfit. But strangely, many companies deprioritize this. Remember, the reality is that supporting causes is a “nice to have” for consumers. They can only support others after they’ve supported themselves…and in this case, their style.


We’d love to hear what conscious-purchasing companies  you have come across that you think does the above well. Who are they? Tell us about them.


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