Cool News: Earn the Seal, “Retail Buyer Approved”

12 Aug

Retail buyer approved

Receive this badge for usage in your sales materials and emails to retail buyers. It’s a great credibility booster!

Despite Buyerly’s short existence, we have scored some pretty impressive wins for our clients. We will be sharing those wins very soon.

But one thing that we want to share now is something we have tested and found impactful. It is the Buyerly Retail Buyer Approved badge. While it is awarded by Buyerly, it is essentially a seal of approval by the nation’s most influential retail buyers!

How does it work?  To qualify for usage of this badge, your product must have completed a 2-buyer, 4-buyer, or 6-buyer Product Feedback within Buyerly AND receive scores of “Probably Would” or “Definitely Would” to the question, “Based on the information you have read, how likely are you to invite the vendor representing this product to meet with you to learn more about this product?” by at least 75% of your panelist buyers.

Why use the logo? Endorsements by retail buyers generates awareness and appeal among retail buyers. After all, retail buyers value the opinion of other retail buyers. It’s been shown that demand and interest from retail buyers validates and creates further demand and interest with other retail buyers. For example, a retail buyer at a well-known national retailer was not interested in Brand X, but once he learned another well-respected, influential retailer was interested in and had positive things to say about Brand X, the national retail buyer was more willing to explore further discussions with Brand X. The herd mentality very much exists in retail!

Only about 20% of brands have earned this designation to date, so it is competitive and truly an honor. We’ve found those brands that earn this distinction go on to do well in retail channels and are the brands we heavily promote to retailers.


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