FAQ: “I just received an order. What do I need to do now to stay on their shelves?”

6 Sep

Yay! You got a new order! Celebrate and pat yourself on the back. Enjoy the moment, because now the real work begins.

Here are a few areas you will need to quickly focus on:

1. Fulfillment. Do you have the inventory to fill this order? And can you send it to retailers by their expected ship date? Is there anything you need to customize for this account (packaging, hang tags, POP materials, casepack configuration)?

2. Marketing support. Can you support sales at shelf? Contrary to what you believe, your product will not sell itself. What marketing activity will you implement to grow brand awareness? What retailer-specific marketing programs will you implement (e.g., coupons or advertising that mentions the retailer)? What in-store marketing support will you provide (e.g., POP displays, signage, etc.)?

3. Sales. What are sales or sell-through expectations of the retailer? Make sure you know this so you have a target to shoot for with your above marketing. Monitoring sales is key. If sales are not meeting expectations, you need to be ready with a plan of action for the buyer.  Or risk being de-listed. On the other hand, if sales are awesome, you’ll want to tout that to the buyer and use it to either increase inventory orders, shelf space or SKU count. Ask the buyer at the onset if they will share point of sales data with you so you can be a good partner and help them manage your business.

4. Customer service. Put your problem-solution hat on and be ready to provide contingency plans for various scenarios you might face when doing business with this retailer.


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