Announcement: Buyerly zigs while competitors zag.

1 Jan

Announcement: Buyerly zigs while competitors zag. Buyerly ramps up Product Feedback in 2015 due to customer demand. And says adios (for now) to the B2B marketplace, Product Closet. Read more about this latest move below.

Dear Buyerly Brands,

What’s happening. In January 2015, we will sunset our virtual trade show service, the Product Closet, to focus on our wildly successful Product Feedback service. This means we will not be accepting payment for new Product Closet profile submissions. For current Product Closet customers, your profiles will remain active and view-able to our retail buyers until your current one-time subscription expires.

Looking ahead. This move allows us to focus on our competitive advantage and point of difference, the Product Feedback. Our Product Feedback customer satisfaction is higher than we could have imagined! Brands, like yours, are floored by how instrumental our buyers’ feedback has been in identifying blind spots and improving their products’ success in-market.

Collectively, Buyerly’s clients have opened hundreds of new doors of distribution, grown their company sales, and saved thousands of dollars in product development mistakes.

How brands benefit from Buyerly. See the results of two brands who used our buyer panel to uncover their blind spots and improve their growth in retail markets:

1) Click and Carry lands QVC and Kroger (Video)
2) Men’s Skincare Line Launches in 70 stores + Line Review with Target (PDF)

Give me a shout if you’d like to chat more about our latest evolution. I always love hearing from our brands.

Your friend in retail,


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