For Retail Buyers/Retailers: Buyerly Overview(ly)

Hi there, Buyer!

Buyerly is seeking current or recent retail buyers, senior buyers, and DMMs to join our growing panel.  As a Buyerly buyer panelist, you will be invited to provide opinions on what you like/don’t like about products you’ve been asked to review. Currently our panelists represent buying experience from big box retailers, e-commerce giants, department stores and other influential retailers.

We are asking you to share your opinions. Definitely nothing that is proprietary to any retailers. Definitely not stuff you’re uncomfortable sharing. Just your thoughts on what could help these emerging brands nail their product launch. Think of it as a friend asking you for feedback on their product idea.

Please note: Not all buyers are eligible to join the Buyer Panel. To be a panelist and provide feedback and recommendations, you need to currently be or have been a retail buyer with sole decision-making authority for a national scale or large retailer. This is because the opinions of big retail buyers influences buying decisions up and down the retail spectrum.  If this isn’t you, fret not, all current retail buyers still have access to the Product Closet to search for new products for your stores.

Sound good, then read on for more juicy info!

What is Buyerly?  Buyerly is a web-based platform to help product entrepreneurs get early product development feedback from our network of retail buyers.  Retail buyers in Buyerly’s network evaluate product ideas and give feedback on changes needed to be viable on retail shelves.  This includes feedback on pricing, margins, packaging, and product prototypes.  With your input, companies can save thousands of dollars in re-engineering and re-packaging products and go to market with a viable product configuration. For more info, visit 

How does it work?  Product entrepreneurs submit product information and select a panel consisting of 2 to 6 buyers based on criteria such as class of trade and category of expertise.  Buyers will receive an email notification inviting them to evaluate the product idea  and to answer a 10-question survey of multiple choice and open-ended questions.  After the panel of buyers complete their evaluations, the feedback will be aggregated and summarized and sent back to entrepreneurs.  No names or retailers are associated with the aggregated feedback.

What’s in it for the buyers?  The “warm fuzzies” of helping bootstrapping emerging brands, obviously. What else?  Financial compensation $$!  Buyerly is a revenue-share model where you earn $50 for each evaluation you complete (estimated length: 15 minutes).  And, during our growth stage, you can earn an additional $50 for every buyer referral that is approved to join the panel.


Ultimately, our goal at Buyerly is to optimize the market viability of good product ideas so that one day soon, buyers such as yourselves will have a greater selection of worthwhile products to choose from!

Any time you have questions, comments, anything, please contact me via email ( or at the office at (818) 350-3291. And because we are in beta mode, there may be some hiccups or rough edges. Holler to let us know when that happens and we’ll fix it in a snap.

“Honestly- that was fun!” — Urban Outfitters buyer for Buyerly

Have fun!

To join our panel, drop us a note and we’ll contact you



Q: Will my identity or employer be revealed?

A: We protect your privacy and never release any information about you other than your product category and your retailer class of trade – past and present.  In fact, you will only be known by your buyer ID (e.g., 11937).

Q: Does my participation in Buyerly violate any non-compete or employment agreements with my current employer?

A:  Nope, no violations. You will be acting as an independent contractor so there are no conflicts of interest.  We hired an attorney to  research this and found that most employment agreements do not prohibit you from being an independent contractor provided that you are not releasing trade secrets or proprietary information.  Buyerly has designed its survey questions to stay within these boundaries.

Q:  What is my commitment?

A:  There is no time length for your commitment.  You can drop out of the panel anytime by giving advanced notice (preferably 10 days but we understand if that’s not possible).  You can opt in to as many (or as few) product evaluations as you wish.  It really is built to be flexible to your schedule!

Q:  Is it going to be obvious how this website works?

A:  Oh definitely. It’s pretty intuitive. And you’ll have access to training docs (soon, videos!) to make it super easy. Or, just call/text/email Vanessa for instant support.

Q:  How do I get paid?   

A: You will be paid $50.00 per completed evaluation.  Funds accrue 24 hours after the entire buyer panel returns their feedback.  Payment by check will be mailed monthly on the 1st day of the calendar month.

Q:  What information will I receive about each product?

A:  You will receive 1) a product profile based on a form the product owner completes for you to read, 2) pictures and/or website and 3) a 10-question survey to answer.

Q:  How long do I have to complete a product evaluation?  Does the evaluation opportunity expire? 

A:  Upon the receipt of an email notification of an open submission, you are expected to either respond within 24 hours of your unavailability or complete within 5 business days the submission.

Q:  Can we talk with vendors directly through Buyerly?

A:  No.  If you are interested in chatting with vendors, you can request a connection via Buyerly. Then our handy dandy associate (probably Vanessa) will get your questions for the vendor answered and/or set up a phone call with that product company.

Q: Can I share this URL with other buyers I know? 

A: Yes, for sure! And we’ll hook you u with $50 for each retail buyer that signs up below.



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