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Tips for navigating the Buyerly site

17 Aug

Last updated: Aug 29


Audience: Buyers and Users

Section: Creating an account

Status: In process of fixing

Known issue:  Facebook login is not working when users and buyers attempt to create an account

Solution:  Please create an account using the email username and password option.



Audience: Buyers

Section:  Product Profile Feedback Form

Status: In process of adding a “Save” button

Known issue:  Question: Can we save the form in-progress and return to finish it later?

Solution:  Answer: To save your partially completed form, select “Submit”.  This will save your responses until you return to complete the form – even if you log out.


Audience: Buyers and Product Owners

Section:  Dashboard

Status: In progress

Known issue:  Once users log in, it is not clear how to access the Dashboard

Solution:  To access the Dashboard: After logging in, select “Home” in the upper left hand corner to view your Dashboard.

Buyerly is live!

16 Aug


Buyerly is now live.  Wander on over to our site and check it out.  Let us know what you think!

We have a lot planned in the coming weeks – both for this blog and the website.  You can expect to see new content on this blog, in addition to some of the meaty and cool stuff that you’ve come to love.

Like what?

  • Mystery Buyer profiles… so you can get to learn more about the kinds of buyers we have on our Product Feedback buyer panel and shopping the Product Closet.
  • Founder features… that profile some of our customers and their cool products
  • Retailer spotlights…featuring some of the small retailers that shop in the Product Closet.
  • Behind the scenes what it’s like working for Buyerly and in a start-up environment!

And like always, we’ll give you tips on how to find retail success, highlight products we love, share big retail industry trends that you should know about.

Stick around…things are only getting bigger from here!

Coming to you live…TODAY

15 Aug

Buyerly goes live.  Today.

If you signed up for a beta invite, you’ll be getting an email shortly with instructions on how to start using Buyerly.  Plus, a little gift as a token of our appreciation for your patience and support.

For now, here is a sneak preview of the big reveal.  What do you think?


Buyerly is for retail buyers and product companies

Product companies, retail buyers ~ all benefit from Buyerly

Product development research

Product owners, is this how launching a product can feel sometimes?
Buyers, seeing an upswing of poorly executed products and vendor presentations?

Buyerly provides a platform to help both emerging brands and retail buyers do what they do…but better!

Buyerly provides a platform to help both emerging brands and retail buyers do what they do…but better!